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Tristans Daily Link Review; 18 March Feb 2010

* YouTube Is Huge: 24 Hours of Video Now Uploaded Every Minute Link
* Researchers develop molecular ‘LEGO kit’ to create nano-cubes Link
* Marginal Revolution: Why did it take so long for humans to have a Industrial Revolution? Link
* GM’s Enhanced Vision System brings augmented reality to vehicle HUDs Link
* Vinyl record groove under electron microscope, at 1000x  Link
* New Exoplanet Is Near Habitable Zone | Wired Link

* Cisco’s New Router: Trouble for Hollywood Link
* When Couples Fight on Facebook, Everyone Knows the Score – NYTimes Link
* O’Reilly at OSBC: The future’s in the data Link
* Multiple Generations Under One Roof, Again Link
* 8 Studies Demonstrating the Power of Simplicity Link
* Infographic of the Day: “The Age of Crap”  Link
* Why did it take so long for humans to have the Industrial Revolution? Link

* Robocopter Responds To Natural Language Direction Link
* History is Contingent, Built on Flukes, Accidents, and Surprises – IEET Link
* Where Next for the Space Program? – IEET Link
* DNA nanotubes carry and selectively release materials  Link
* Six Ways Science Can See Into Your Brain Link
* The universe is a quantum computer  Link

* Darpa Wants Self-Guiding, Storytelling Cameras Link
* China Drawing High-Tech Research From U.S. Link
* A World-beating TB Detector Link
* Japanese Researchers Develop World’s Fastest Book Scanner Link
* Complex Life Found Under 600 Feet of Antarctic Ice Link
* Science is not an economic problem, it’s a solution Link
* Pregnant male pipefish abort babies from unattractive females Link

* Disabling Skp2 gene helps shut down cancer growth Link
* Duke technique is turning proteins into glass Link
* Getting turned on: Scientists discover switch mechanism for controlling traffic in cells Link
* Chemists influence stem-cell development with geometry Link
* Where’s My Fusion Reactor? Link
* Should You Ever Delete Your Ex From Your Internet Life? Link
* 3D printing changing prosthetics forever Link

* Bad News for Terraformers: Periodic Bursts Of Solar Radiation Destroys Martian Atmosphere  Link
* MIT Cybersecurity System Can Keep Servers Functioning Even During Attack Link
* An Express-Lane for the Internet Link
* Air Force Calls for Airborne Electric Lasers That Can Target Land and Air Link
* Shortage of Rare Earth Minerals May Cripple U.S. High-Tech, Scientists Warn Congress Link
* Personalised cancer trial promises better drugs faster  Link

* Targeting Influencers: A Case Study With Chevy Volt Link
* Portable Housing Is Really A Vertical Trailer Park Link
* Brain-Like Computer Closer to Realization Link
* Feynman ‘Fun to Imagine’ 1: Jiggling Atoms Link

* Official Google Blog: 25 million people have gone Google Link
* Singularity Studies: course offered online by Rutgers University Camden in the Summer of 2010 Link
* fMRI Reads the Images in Your Brain – We Know What You’re Looking At (Video) Link
* Introduction to Programming Using Java Link

* Solar Powered Augmented Reality Contact Lenses Link
* Obama’s Investment in Biomedicine Link
* Physicists use ultra-fast lasers to open doors to technologies unheard of years ago Link
* Recap of @timoreilly’s keynote at #osbc. The future’s in the data. Link
* Mysterious 4,000-year-old mummies found in desert north of Tibet Link

* Ashalynd: Java programmers need to wear glasses because they cannot see sharp.: Link
* Reilly: Why do humans reason? Link
* Wildcat: Universe’s age: 13.75 billion Link
* Anibal M. Astobiza: The Human Library, where you can borrow a person for a discussion.. Link
* Wildcat: The medicalization of life: Link
* Alexander Kruel: One Universe Too Many? String Theories, The Multiverse And The Future Of Physics Link
* Alexander Kruel: Wind farms could cause an increase of .15 degrees Celsius Link
* Alexander Kruel: First Creation of Anti-Strange Hypernuclei: Link
* Amira: China’s Sustainability: Asynchronous Revolutions by Jiang Jun (infographic): Link
* Wildcat: “Just because you can measure eyeballs and pageviews doesn’t mean you should. Link
* Ami Iida: Popular Science Puts Entire Scanned Archive Online Link
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