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Tristans Daily Link Review; 14 March Feb 2010

* 50 Fascinating Lectures All About Your Brain Link
* Top 50 Biology Research Blogs Link
* Framework for a Strengths-Based Society Link

* Mars Constantly Loses Part of Its Atmosphere to Space Due to Solar Wind Link
* Embedded Systems Conference Interview Teaser (Michio Kaku) Link
* AMARSi project could see robots learn from co-workers Link
* One Man’s Quest to Colonize the Sea Link
* What’s Wrong With Transhumanism? Link

* Book Review – Apocalyptic AI: Visions of Heaven in Robotics, AI, Virtual Reality Link
* Moebius (Möbius) strip in art and culture Link
* Build a Solar System – Link
* Topdocumentaryfilms – Link
* The Singularity: An Appraisal Link
* How a Romantic Breakup Affects Self-Concept Link

* Your body wasn’t built to last: a lesson from human mortality rates Link
* Scientists find new way to fight against cancer Link
* Carnegie Mellon researchers seek to control blood loss Link
* Spooky Dark Flow Tracked Deeper Into the Cosmos; No Word on Whats Tugging at Galaxies Link

* Successful Engine Test Firing for SpaceX Inaugural Falcon 9 Link
* How Will You Boost Your Brain?  Link
* The Singularity is Nonsense Link
* Group Explorer is mathematical visualization software for the abstract algebra classroom. Link

* BuddyFeed 2.0 polishes FriendFeed experience for iPhone. Link
* mashable: Pete Cashmore Talks Foursquare, iPad, and Location on Bloomberg – Link
* mashable: Apple Sells 90,000 iPads in the First Day? – Link
* Danah Boyd: How Technology Makes A Mess Of Privacy and Publicity Link
* Why Are We Afraid to Tax the Super-Rich? Link
* IFPI Gives Up Trying To Force ISP to Block The Pirate Bay Link
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