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Tristans Daily Link Review; 13 March Feb 2010

* Amazing Animation flying over southwest Candor Chasma on Mars Link
* Venus 45 minutes after sunset for 2010 Link
* Non-Enclosed 3D Printer Can Build Houses Link
* Quest Aims to Create Bigger Atoms and New Kinds of Matter Link
* You will soon be able to play music on your clothing (w/ Video) Link

* Watch NASA Assemble James Webb Space Telescope Live – Link
* YT – A Gravity Plane Link
* 3D chip stacking to take Moore’s Law past 2020 Link
* Lasers + nanotubes create invisible wireless speakers Link
* Mitsubishi Smallest Robot Arm Builds Lego Van (video) Link

* Reduction of human intelligence as global risk Link
* Killer Electrons Get Super-Charged Above Earth Link
* Five new human genomes decoded, marking transition to more personalized medicine Link
* Cellular switch may provide nmeans of triggering cell death, treating disease Link
* Some Mars Channels Carved by Lava, Not Water Link

* Microtentacles on tumor cells appear to play role in how breast cancer spreads   Link
* Astronomy Picture of the Day: JWST: Mirrors and Masked Men Link
* Quake Catcher Software Converts Laptops Worldwide into Earthquake Sensor Network Link
* Making humanoid robots safe for human interaction Link

* Velocity data indicates Gliese 710 has 86% chance of ploughing into Solar System within 1.5m years Link
* Life-Enabling Molecules Spotted in Orion Nebula Link
* SXSW Session: Brian Solis: How Your Brand Can Succeed in the New Web Link
* David Brin: A Long, Lonely Road Link

* John and Gabe: Boys with (homemade iPhone) toys  Link
* Everything is connected … really … Putting meaning to work Link
* A Star Made Of Red Matter, From Before Our Galaxy Existed Link
* Discovering Quantum Processes in Living Organisms Link
* Bad behaving : Machine learning could resolve issues with multi-core processors Link

* Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite Link
* PadNotes Offers Something Closer to Our Ideal iPad Link
* Genetic determinants of hair, eye and skin pigmentation in Europeans. Link
* Rapid Rise in Seed Prices Draws U.S. Scrutiny Link

* Ashalynd: The Singularity:an Appraisal – A Reynolds,C Stross,V Vinge Link
* Ashalynd: Visual thinking framework. i’m gonna start using it. The Ntwrk… Link
* Anibal M. Astobiza: Personhood in a Neurobiological Age Link
* Dick Pelletier: New You by 2020 Link
* Alexander Kruel: Cooperative behavior cascades in human social networks: Link
* Alexander Kruel: First Look at SnapGroups: A Delightful Tool For Lightweight Discussion: Link
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