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Tristans Daily Link Review; 11 March Feb 2010

* Sequenced Genome of Entire Family, Reveals Parents Give Kids Fewer Gene Mutations Link
* Transgenic Musclebound Trout Could Arrive Soon on Your Dinner Plate Link
* Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, How It Probably Can’t Destroy The World Link
* Finding awesome stuff online with Google Reader Play Link
* Google Reader Play –

* Mechanisms of Memory Link
* Science developing insights into how religious beliefs may have evolved Link
* A Bubble-Shaped Skyscraper That Desalinates Sea Water  Link
* Molecule Tells Key Brain Cells to Grow Up, Get to Work Link
* 15 Moore’s Years: 3D chip stacking will take Moore’s Law past 2020 Link

* New Charging Method Could Slash Battery Recharge Times  Link
* Book: Artificial Brains: An Evolved Neural Net Module Approach Link
* The Lithium Chase Link
* Golden Assassins, ‘Smart’ Nanoparticles Identify, Target and Kill Cancer Cells Link

* Nanometer Graphene Makes Novel OLEDs Display Link
* Novel Nanocoating Gives AFM Users a Better Look at Individual Molecules Link
* Researchers Step Closer to Underlying Causes of Cancer and Diabetes Link
* Why AI could fail?  Link

* In the sex game, stressed men choose dissimilar mates Link
* Women with good genes may have more sexual partners Link
* Sex Life Lasts Longer For Men Than Women Link
* Could Porn Be Good For Society? Link

* Absurdly Simple Ocean Pumps Could Thwart Hurricanes Link
* mashable: CNN Sees Facebook As Major Competitor Link
* mashable: The Internet Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize – Link

* Why the End Times Might Reek of Methane  Link
* Two Technologies That Are About To Completely Transform Electricity Link
* Conquering the chaos in modern, multiprocessor computers Link
* Students Perceptions of Earth’s Age Influence Acceptance of Evolution Link

* Prehistoric DNA reveals the story of a Pleistocene survivor, the muskox Link
* Way to go: Scientists identify driving forces in human cell division Link
* Chimps Talk with Their Hands Link
* Nanometer Graphene Makes Novel OLEDs Display Link
* gigaom team is covering the SxSW 2010 Link

* Russia Is Making Flying Saucers. DUN-DUN-DUN! Link
* Three Challenges For CIOs Link
* Adobe smacks back Apple over iPad, again Link
* Digitizing and Geocoding Old Maps? Link
* Third Eye Retroscope Gives Docs a Better View of The Colon Link

* Understanding how mosquitoes find a host Link
* Google’s Computing Power Refines Translation Link
* Behind the leading enterprise microblogging service: Yammer Link
* Scientists learn how monkeys fend off monkey AIDS Link
* The scientific brain  Link

* Code Bubbles: Rethinking User Interface Paradigm of IDEsLink
* pq labs itable gets a touch of warcraft Link
* The role of the blogosphere  Link
* Order Your Jetpacks and Flying Cars Now Link
* The Success Myth  Link
* Doomsday Seed Vault Stores 500,000 Crops Link
* Disease Cause Is Pinpointed With Genome Link

* Alexander Kruel: Need a translation? Google awaits your call Link
* Wildcat: On the post-city – Daniel Miller-Eurozine Link
* Alexander Kruel: 100 Amazing Videos for Teaching and Studying Physics Link
* Alexander Kruel: Habitable Planets: Working the Odds: Link
* Why String Theorists Should Switch Fields to Quantum Computing Link
* Wildcat: Mariana Soffer: Meaning theories: Link
* Alexander Kruel: A man with virtually no serotonin or dopamine: Link
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