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Tristans Daily Link Review; 10 March Feb 2010

* quotations: “The future will be better tomorrow.” – Dan Quayle
* Cisco unveils ultra-fast 322 Terabits per second router
* Video: Cisco_Mobile: Video: Technology aspects #CRS3
* The Internet of tomorrow: 100Gbps to your house by 2030

* Mile-High Mega Kites Could Pull Giant, Floating Power Plants
* TED: Jared Diamond: Why societies collapse
* Computer That Processes Faster Than The Speed of Light
* Extinct giant bird DNA recovered from 19,000yr old fossil eggs
* Woman Has 3-Inch Horn Growing Out Of Her Head
* Bottled Wind Could Be as Constant as Coal –

* is blocked in China : New slogan – Billions of links useless to billions of people
* Playing games in Google Earth
* Chile, nine days later
* Wireless docking station turns a laptop into a desktop
* Four Ways of Looking at Twitter

* Underwater Skyscraper is a Self-Sufficient City at Sea
* One & Ortakoy: A Sustainable Mixed-Use Complex in Istanbul
* Most extreme white dwarf binary system found with orbit of just 5 minutes
* 79 percent of adults believe web access is a fundamental right
* Do You Still Carry Business Cards?
* RSA 1024-bits Key Encryption Cracked!

* Kevin Warwick, Once a Cyborg, Now a Prophet of the Man-Machine Future (video)
* Working outdoors reduces male kidney cancer risk, study says
* Fiber-wireless (Fi-Wi) to provide ultra-high-speed, short-range communication
* Fiber-Wireless Networks and Subsystem Technologies
* 10 Amazing Life Lessons You Can Learn From Albert Einstein
* Super listening device hears and identifies any sound
* Well, This Employment Graph Is Just Terrifying
* New Plastic Conducts Heat Better Than Metals, But Only in One Direction

* Exclusive: Colorado Doctors Skirt FDA Jurisdiction to Provide Stem Cell Therapies
* Physicists Find Way to See Through Paint, Paper, and Other Opaque Materials
* Recapturing consciousness from a deceased body
* Baclofen against alcohol dependency
* YouTube turns on auto-auto captions, gets hilarious results

* Skin transplant offers new hope to vitiligo patients
* The Skyscraper Water Factory
* New study questions benefits of elective removal of ovaries during hysterectomy
* Cancer Mortality Has Declined Since Initiation of War on Cancer
* SpaceX fires rocket engines in quest to fly cargo
* Air Force to Test New Hypersonic Aircraft

* Simulating the Birth of Massive Stars
* Mathematical Approach Immune Cell Analysis to Better Distinguish Health and Disease
* NASA: Space Shuttles Could Fly Longer With Extra Funds
* After a fight with a partner, brain activity predicts emotional resiliency
* Can Aging Nuclear Reactors Be Safe?
* How could boozing help you lose weight?

* Belief in the Brain
* The other human genome
* Did midwife molecule assemble first life on Earth?
* BBC science geeks create car that runs off of coffee grounds
* Tissue Engineering and Regeneration of Breasts, Limbs and Kidneys
* Can Mom’s Diet Shape Baby’s Genes? Study of Pregnant Mice Suggests So

* Obama’s science advisers discussing Nanotechnology this Friday:
* CERN: Director General discusses the discovery potential for the LHC’s first run
* Is there anybody out there?
* Achieving New States of Consciousness Through NLP, Neuroscience and Ritual
* IBM Researchers Develop Highly Recyclable, Biodegradable Plastics
* Nanometre ‘fuses’ for high-performance batteries
* Medical Fusion Conference for physicians looking for a career change

* mashable: Google Launches the Google Apps Marketplace –
* Scobleizer: The coolest thing I’ve tried this week (add in to Gmail)
* guardiantech: The ‘waterless’ washing machine that could save you money
* chrisgrayson: The Economist profiles MIT prosthetic limb pioneer Hugh Herr

* timoreilly:
> Really important post about open data tools and practices needed for support
> web standards: We should get to the point where people can’t tell how a site was built.
> Great to see President Obama show some passion in selling health care reform. Long overdue.
> Interviewed about Google Goggles, face-recognition, future AR and post-privacy.
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