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Tristans Daily Link Review; 9 March Feb 2010

* TED: Tim Berners-Lee: The year open data went worldwide
* TED: Underwater amazement
* TED: The Evolution of Storytelling
* BBC: Revel in the wonder of the Solar System

* Catalyst could power homes on a bottle of water, produce hydrogen on-site
* Solar breakthrough: Water to hydrogen with 60% efficiency

* World first superconducting DC power transmission system a step closer
* From Earth to Mars in six weeks? New engine could make it happen
* Wafer-thin laptop of the future on the way this year?
* Pentagon-Backed Venture Aims for Google Underground
* Boeing 747 Survives a Simulated Underwear Bomb Blast
* Cell-Phone Tech Uses Accelerometer to Spy on Employees

* Waterpebble Stops You From Taking Ultra-Long Showers
* OO High Def Wireless Projector
* Theoretical Breakthrough for Quantum Cryptography
* Disposable Toilet To Change the World
* Printable sensors to detect fingers without touching
* Mitsubishi striving for printable OLED lighting
* Who Wants to Build a Global Space Network? We do!
* Biggest, Deepest Crater Exposes Hidden, Ancient Moon
* Futuristic New York and Sustainable Sao Paulo Projects

* Gold nanoparticles take out brain parasite
* Using Nanoscale Technologies to Understand and Replicate the Human Brain
* DARPA Seeks Prosthetics Directly Controllable Through Brain Implants
* Brain Science Podcast  interview with German philosopher Thomas Metzinger

* Inside the house of robots
* new version amazing robot asimo

* 2 oldest people in US die: 114, 113. Still 70 people alive in US born in 1800s
* New method to grow arteries leads to ‘biological bypass’ for heart disease
* Stem Cells Heal Dog on Local News. Will Humans Ever Get Their Turn? (video)
* Sientists Detect Single Molecules In Your Cells For The First Time
* Immune cells use bungee of death to kill dangerous cells (w/ Video)
* Listening in on single cells
* The Spread of Superbugs

* Pacific BioScience Has A $1000 Genome Test That Could Save Your Life
* After Cancer, Women Remove Healthy Breast
* Virology study guide
* Blueprint Studying Differentiation,  Atlas of Transcription Combinations
* Capabilities in Stem Cell Science Are Advancing Rapidly
* sterEOS 2D|3D Workstation Images Spines With Significant Radiation Reduction
* Greatest Story Ever Told Goodbye antimatter, protons, neutrons, electrons
* Scientists say UK risks losing innovation edge
* Health Care of the Future

* New research advances voice security technology
* Single photon solid-state memory for telecommunications
* Infographic – The Size of the Mobile Market –
* Infographic – Endangered Species –
* 5 technologies expected to see huge increases by gov, next 5 years
* The Real Roots of the Recovery

Wildcat: “The central event 20th century the overthrow of matter. In technology, economics… Reilly: When True Innovation Begins:
John Schmidt: Model of the sensitivity of Earth’s atmosphere to cosmic rays.
Alexander Kruel: Mind Hacks: Future neuro-cognitive warfare:
Alexander Kruel: 150 Kiloton Nuclear Verne Gun:
Alexander Kruel: First contact: The man who’ll welcome aliens:
Alexander Kruel: What were Einstein and Gödel talking about?:
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