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Tristans Daily Link Review; 8 March Feb 2010

* Tristan’s Twiiter lists:
* MIT researchers discover new way of producing electricity
* Intendix, The Brain Computer Interface Goes Commercial (video)
* Stem Cell Regeneration of Breasts by 2014 and Natural Fat Breast Augmentation Now
* Brain scans now catch chemicals too – New Scientist
* Reflections on Avatar, Ray Kurzweil
* Whatever Happened To Programming?
* Dark, dangerous asteroids found lurking near Earth – New Scientist

* Top Documentary Films – Watch Free Documentaries Online
* NOVA | The Elegant Universe | Free
* History Channel’s That’s Impossible: Eternal Life (Part 1/5)
* What Do The Pyramids Look Like From Space? – io9
* Uncoiling the spiral: Maths and hallucinations
* Video: GestureTek interacting with images projected from your phone
* Video: Motion-sensing, gun-mounted, laser-projected Augmented Reality game
* Why the demise of civilisation may be inevitable

* The Future of User Interfaces
* BBC iPlayer – The Virtual Revolution: Homo Interneticus?
* Artificial intelligence: The robots are coming but are we ready for them?
* Why Love Has Wings and Sex Has Not:
* Brain scans now catch chemicals too
* Brain response to visual sexual stimuli in heterosexual and homosexual males.
* Proton Collisions Detected at Unprecedented Levels of Energy

* Drag-and-Drop into the Cloud
* NASA’s Next Space Station May Need A Puncture Repair Kit
* Researchers: HIV virus can hide in bone marrow
* Obama to push White House vision for NASA in April
* MIT researchers discover new way of producing electricity
* MIT Discovers Thermopower Waves which Have Hundreds of Times the Energy for Batteries

* Sleep wrong and you’ll feel the bad fat
* How to Order from the Universe
* Stephen Hawking: The Future of Space -Manned vs Robotic Missions?
* Microsoft Demos Three Platforms Running the Same Game
* Ground Effect Hovercraft Video: Survival Vehicle
* High School Robotics Competition is Attracting More Girls Than Ever
* Silver nanoparticles may one day be key to devices that keep hearts beating strong and steady
* Robot Pokemon: Kojiro Would Destroy Asimo with Musculoskeletal Jujitsu

* H Wiszniewska: Well-being related to having less smal-talk, more substantive conversations:
* Wildcat: Getting the Most Out of Twitter, No Posting Necessary
* Wildcat: Solutions to Our Problems: Teleports, Telesurgery, and the Food Pill
* A Kruel: On Explaining Existence:
* A.T.: Using a Blackberry adds 10 extra days of work each year:
* Wildcat: Photo: The frontiers of particle physics.Source: roomthily:
* A Kruel: Ben Goertzel Patterns All the Way Down!:
* Wildcat: Recent research on memory/learning:
* A Kruel: YouTube – Radiometric Dating is Flawed!! Really?? How Old IS the Earth?:
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