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Tristans Daily Link Review; 6 March Feb 2010

* Is this the meaning of life?
* Knowing the mind of God: Seven theories of everything
* Microsoft’s Courier digital journal: exclusive pictures and details (video!)
* Advanced Musculoskeletal Humanoid Robot Kojiro
* Hand-held device may prevent migraine
* Flame: Abstract Wallpaper Drawing Tool

* Microsoft Spends $9 Billion On Research, Focuses On Cloud
* GestureTek Lets You Interact With Images Projected From Your Phone
* Earth’s Magnetic Field Is 3.5 Billion Years Old
* Frozen Arctic methane shows signs outgassing
* Arctic Melt To Cost Up To $24 Trillion By 2050: Report
* The Mysterious Degradation of the Apollo Reflector Arrays

* Radiometric Dating is Flawed!! Really?? How Old IS the Earth?
* PAPER: How reliable are the results from functional magnetic resonance imaging?
* How reliable are fMRI results?

* Can You Hear My Heart Now? Digital Stethoscope gets iPhone App
* Gary Flake: is Pivot a turning point for web exploration? | TED
* Electron Microscope Images, Free
* Popular Science magazine archive now free online, stretches back to 1872
* David Friedman: Economics of Nanotech and AI at Foresight 2010 Conference

* Study: Happiness Is Experiences, Not Stuff
* A Social Network For Sci-Fi Geeks: Shatner Shills
* Could the Tumbleweed Rover Dominate Mars?
* Synthetic Biology: Ten Years Old, Ten Years On
* Company offering 3D holographic projections
* Huge asteroid impact did spell the end for dinosaurs, experts say
* 15 Fantastically Futuristic Plant Growing Design Concepts

* TerraPower: How The Traveling Wave Nuclear Reactor Works
* Citizen Scientist May Be First to Have Found First Interstellar Dust
* Studying protein folding
* Scientists narrow down origins of malaria
* IBM hails breakthrough algorithm 9TB in 20 minutes?

* Architects take a stab at earthquake-proof architecture
* China’s Human-Flesh Search” Channels Netizen Rage Against Offline Targets
* Convert Your Nation Into Star-Shaped Islands And Save It From Sinking
* Hormone Study Gives Scientists a Sense of How Animals Bond
* Water Practically Flies Off Near Perfect Hydrophobic Surface That Refuses to Get Wet
* Critical Brain Chemical Shown to Play Role in Severe Depression
* Exotic Antimatter Created on Earth

* Recent research on memory/learning
* Others May Know Us Better Than We Know Ourselves, Study Finds
* The New Science of Feeding the World
* Remarkable new images show a 4-D view of the heart
* Playing the Body Electric

* rfurlan: In the age of programmable matter, the programmer is king #singularityu
* rfurlan: In the age of programmable intelligence, the programmer is king #singularityu
* rfurlan: In the age of programmable biology, the programmer is king #singularityu
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