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Tristans Daily Link Review; 5 March Feb 2010

* Google Index to Go Real Time
* Google Apps Now Disaster Proof
* Youtube Rolls Out Automatic English Captions To All Videos
* Atmosphir Awesome In-Browser Gaming World
* TechFest 2010, Part 2

* New Cell Phone Charger Turns Water into Electricity
* From 2-trillion-degree heat, researchers create new matter — and new questions
* Heavy antimatter created in gold collisions
* Free will is an illusion, biologist says

* Make Music from your URL –
* 10 of the Best Web Apps for Music Lovers –
* Video Best of TOCCON 2010 – Ray Kurzweil and Tim O’Reilly talking…
* 55 Awesome Photos Manipulations by LSD s.r.l.
* Reverse engineering gene network using asynchronous parallel evolution strategy
* Where will AI be in 90 years? Experts weigh in
* Microrings could nix wires for communications in homes, offices

* Patterns All the Way Down!
* Using Nanoscale Technologies to Understand and Replicate the Human Brain
* X-rays telescopes could solve the mystery of dark matter
* All kinds of free stuff
* Shields down! Earth’s mag field may drop in a flash
* Presenting… Sir Ken Robinson (at UBC)
* Researchers create atlas of transcription factor combinations

* Peter Norvig interview
* Travel Through Space for Free, Guided by World-Famous Astronomers
* Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science

* Genome Seq complete on plodding amoeba that flips into free-swimming flagellate
* Trapping Sunlight With Silicon Nanowires
* Gut Bacteria Cause Overeating in Mice
* Senator Proposes Shuttle-Extension Hail Mary

* The New Science of Feeding the World
* Friday Weird Science: Do Your Balls Hang Low?
* Microrings: The Tech to Make Everything Work Wirelessly?
* Mind-reading computers turn heads at high-tech fair
* Samsung unveils fridge with built-in Internet
* Invisible Synthesizer
* Beyond Human- How to Design a Humanoid 5/9
* Welcome Our Microbial Overlords

* Just launched:
* Now Mummified Crocs Getting Tomographed
* Scientists discover how ocean bacterium turns carbon into fuel
* Oldest measurement Earth’s magnetic field reveals battle between sun and Earth for atmosphere
* BGates: read interesting book on farming future while in Antarctica. Thoughts Tomorrow’s Table

* Shields Up: Magnetized Rocks Push Back Origin of Earth’s Magnetic Field
* Extinct Australian frog reappears 30 years after last sighting
* A New Way to Search for Alien Life
* Where Will Our Electricity Come From in 2034?
* Exotic antimatter detected at Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider
* Real-life Hurt Locker: how bomb-proof suits work
* Breakthrough reveals blood vessel cells are key to growing unlimited amounts of adult stem cells

* New Brain Scan Quantifies The Formerly Subjective Feeling of Pain
* Future displays send pixels swarming all over your house
* Silicon Nanophotonics to Make Your Gadgets Run Faster and Consume Less
* Russia Will End Space Tourism Flights When Shuttle Retires
* Sony Timeline: Birth, Rise and Decadence

* Next Decade of Science: Transdisciplinary Collaboration
* New Model Captures Spread of Personal Information Through Social Networks

* Nanobubbles On Super Non-Stick Surfaces
* Trapping Sunlight with Silicon Nanowires
* Behold the RollTop, The Computer You Unfurl
* Zeo Headband Monitors, Analyzes Your Brain While You Sleep
* I‘m Serious as Cancer
* Microrings for 60 Gigahertz Wireless
* [Cartoon] One More Theory
* [Cartoon] Pirate vs non Pirate
* [Cartoon] Never Have I Ever
* [Cartoon] World Annihilation

GeorgeDvorsky: NYT: Study Says Undersea Release of Methane Is Under Way
timoreilly: Breakthrough success in a melanoma clinical trial.
rfurlan: Robots don’t kill people, programmers do – #singularityu
Scobleizer: Yup, already hit 10 billion. My last tweet was 10000011727 so now we can get on with real news.
Scobleizer: My last tweet was 9999989724. Wild. Will be at 10 billion by next tweet.
adamsconsulting: Details On The 10 Billionth Tweet
Amira: Quote from: Paul B. Baltes in Wisdom as Orchestration of Mind and Virtue:
Wildcat: Nanotech and Food Remains Realm of Speculation and Fear Mongering
Wildcat: We territorialize the rhizome, perhaps we must, but we must always …
A Kruel: Windows 7 sells 90 million copies in first four months:
A Kruel: Chilean Earthquake Waves in Animation:
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