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Tristans Daily Link Review; 4 March Feb 2010

* Robot Knows How To Sort, Recycle Plastic
* MeBot Brings Intuitive Movement To Telepresence
* A measure for the multiverse – New Scientist
* Scientists catalog zoo of bacteria inside our guts
* IBM Scientists Create Ultra-Fast Device Which Uses Light for Comm’s between Chips

* Shift happens: Will artificial photosynthesis power the world?
* Faster Optical Switching Through Chemistry
* Where do atheists come from?

* Augmented (Fashion) Reality
* Video: Second Life controlled w/ brain-computer interface
* How Black Holes Overcome Centrifugal Force to Suck in Gas
* Why Do We Accept Aging?

* New gene test may help you pick your diet: report
* Chinese bioscience: The sequence factory
* The brain scanner that feels your pain
* Artificial Bee Silk a Big Step Closer to Reality
* Freezing Breast Tumors Helps Stop Cancer’s Spread in Mice, Study Finds
* Prostate Cancer Surgeons ‘Feel’ With Their Eyes; 3-D Gives Tactile Sensation
* Most Useful Tree Provides Low-Cost Water Purification Method for Dev World

* First signal received by future telescope
* Scientists discover cause of destructive inflammations
* Scientists Sequence DNA From the Teeming Bacterial Universe in Your Guts
* study shows drinking 100 percent fruit juice have more nutritious diets overall
* Nanofactories monitor bacteria communication

* Big book explores a small world: Stuart Lindsay’s guide to nanoscience VIDEO
* Robotics and Electronics Tutorial8 – Resistor Color Bands
* Simulated Surgical Systems –
* Robot Playthings As Well As Options For The Future
* How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Music

* ENERGY: Smarter Plastic Solar Cell to Solve Energy Crisis?
* Hydrocarbon Superconductor Discovered

* Short Shot on Flatbed Scanner Screens at Disposable Film Fest
* Digitally printed tiles make magnificent murals

* amishare: Watching: Steve Jobs: How to live before you die – Stanford
* Wildcat: For fish, body form follows
* A Kruel: The Scariest Mountain Trail – and Daredevil Riders:
* A Kruel: Future Plate Tectonics:
* A Kruel: Stars Orbiting Black Holes:
* A Astobiza: The ability to recognize faces is inherited

* Wildcat: Science fiction turns fact as internet of things draws closer
* A Astobiza: Did the discovery of cooking make us human
* Ashalynd: XiXiDu: Internet and lanaguage
* Wildcat: Is silk the secret to better biomonitors?
* Amira: Ordinary Language, Visible Language and Virtual Reality by Terence McKenna:
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