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Tristans Daily Link Review; 2 March Feb 2010

* Microsoft’s Translating Telephone: The Realtime Translator
* Skinput turns your arm into a touchscreen (w/ Video)
* AMD, Intel, And Nvidia In The Next Ten Years
* Microsoft Makes Surface Mobile By Turning It Upside Down
* Look Inside the New and Improved MT-50 Multitouch Table

* Let The RoboGames Begin! {nextup comp ‘Worlds Fastest Robot’}
* RoboThespian, the Acting Robot
* Better robot muscles

* 67 Million-Year-Old Snake Fossil Found Eating Baby Dinosaurs
* Evolution of Minerals: Scientific American
* Millions of Tons of Water Ice Found at Moon’s North Pole
* Ancient polar-bear fossil yields genome
* Connecting Your Car, Socks and Body to the Internet

* Iceberg Breaks Off Antarctic Glacier; Should We Replace It With Artificial One?
* Dark matter lens used to measure age of universe
* Massive Solar Storms of the Future Could Reap Katrina-Scale Devastation
* Physicists look for the arrow of time, biologists find it

* Daniel Kahneman: The riddle of experience vs. memory
* Book: The Meaning of the 21st Century: Vital Blueprint Ensuring Our Future
* Book: Turning Point

* U.S. Military calls for robot medics
* Personalized Medicine on the Spot
* Putting the Web in a Spreadsheet

* Seeds of AI at Google
* Artificial Neural Networks identify Predisposing Factors of Alzheimers
* New approach could produce multi-function nanodevices
* New device for ultrafast optical communications
* Ultrafast probes for ultrasmall magnets
* Nanoscale Memristor Device as Synapse in Neuromorphic Systems
* Photovoltaics with Piezoelectric Core−Shell Nanowires

* Widening the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
* The Greatest Story Ever Told — Matter vs. Antimatter
* Why Science Needs To Bring Sexy Back

* Signs of Success in Home Medical Monitoring
* Unleashing power within, another critical element for life: Water
* Scientists identify wide variety of genetic splicing in embryonic stem cells
* New Testing Method Hints at Garlic’s Cancer-Fighting Potential
* Molecular Imaging Ultrasound, Microscopic Bubbles to Target Cancer
* Prostate cancer surgeons ‘feel’ with their eyes
* New subtype of breast cancer responds to targeted drug
* Predicting the fate of stem cells
* Brain holds early signs of glaucoma
* Nanotech Tackles Problems Associated with Chemotherapy, Side Effects

* Project GreenVax Makes Vaccines Out of Tobacco Plants Instead of Eggs
* The NetAge Database
* Biologists Use Mathematics to Advance Understanding of Health and Disease
* New surgical bone screw biodegrades in two years
* Project set to map marks on genome

* British Library creates archive of defunct Web
* Another ACTA Leak Discloses Individual Country Data
* New Zealand, Canada and others seek limitations on scope of ACTA
* timoreilly: copyright abuse lobby: Condemning Developing Nations recommending opensource
* Drowning in data
* 126 Million Blogs on the Internet
* Sudden US Collapse Syndrome: When Complexity Fails

Christopher Harris: Neural Network Dynamics
Ashalynd: Interview w Blue Brain project
Anibal M. Astobiza: Women and alcohol
Alexander Kruel: Ron Paul on American policy:

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