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Tristans Daily Link Review; 1 March Feb 2010

March 1, 2010 1 comment

* Social Milky Way project cranks up world’s second fastest supercomputer
* Wonders of the Solar System
* Milky Way packed with foreign stars
* Astronomy Without A Telescope – Gravity, Schmavity
* NASA Breaks Ground on New Deep Space Network Antennas
* Chile earthquake and telescopes
* Chile Earthquake from the International Space Station
* LHC Update Beam commissioning has started for 2010

* Early Humans Used Brain Power, Innovation, Teamwork to Dominate Planet
* 50-year countdown to an apeless world
* The Neuro-Situation of Responsibility

* Ribo-Q1: Genetic manufacturing expanded
* Researchers determine how ATP molecule bearing the fuel of life is broken down in cells
* Scientists observe protein folding in living cells for the first time
* Smart Hip monitors real-time performance of bone implants, stimulates bone growth
* Tissue regeneration hope: Study sheds light how body repairs itself when organs are diseased
* Gene therapy may reverse deadly muscle wasting: scientists
* Supplement cocktail extends life in mice
* An emotion detector for baby

* Gene test aid to cancer treatment
* Human microbiome and personalized medicine
* Screening Cancer Genomes for the Driver Mutations in Tumour Suppressor Genes
* Demand for Stem Cells Growing, Many Turning to Allure of Medical Tourism
* Growing cartilage no easy task, New nanoscopic material enables cartilage Growth
* Scientists Crash Test DNA’s Replication Machinery
* By Tracking Water Molecules, Physicists Hope to Unlock Secrets of Life
* Scientists map epigenome of human stem cells
* Multipurpose Molecule for Cancer Surgery

* Google Launches User-Generated Street View
* Augmented Times: Weekly Linkfest
* Sensic Super High Def Head Mounted Display
* More screens than you know what to do with.

* The Future Of Apple [pic]
* Incredible Animal Photography (12 pics)
* Desktop Fun: Fantasy Theme Wallpapers

* Robot-making-other-robot action
* Robot Skin Is On The Way

* US to build glass cube embassy in London, Rubik not impressed
* China can’t control the net for ever
* UK Bill Would Outlaw Open Wi-Fi
* US government rescinds leave internet alone policy

* Amira: What Is Time? One Physicist Hunts for the Ultimate Theory
* Amira: The Mind is a Metaphor of the world of objects
* Alexander Kruel: Test Your Intuition (11): Is it Rational to Insure a Toaster:
* Carolina Eva: Love Sex with Robots: Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships

* Machine Learning for Precise Quantum Measurement that Approaches Heisenberg Limit
* Alexander Kruel: Extreme Tides! – Tidal heating from Jupiter / Black holes:
* Alexander Kruel: Quantum foam – Subatomic spacetime turbulence:
* Ashalynd: Causes of death worldwide past 6 mo.: Starvation: 18,000,000. Smoking 1,000,000….
* Ashalynd: The First Test That Proves General Theory of Relativity Wrong
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