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Tristans Link archive; 16-17 Jan 2010

* How Water Protected Our Molecules in early Universe http://ff.im/-epu2u
* New method fixes broken proteins to treat genetic diseases http://ff.im/-eptCG
* Chat about: Are You Living in a Computer Simulation? http://ff.im/-eptt4
* Online Medical School Coming Soon http://ff.im/-eptfI
* Patients with no skull are a window on brain activity http://ff.im/-ept6y
* Java based lisp programming language – http://clojure.org/
* Foresight2010 resource notes: http://bit.ly/8HQPFU

* Reptile so small fits on pencil top http://ff.im/-epsVN
* Dan Pink on Motivation and DRiVE http://ff.im/-epsHC
* Future jobs what might you be doing? http://ff.im/-epei8
* Cannons to the Planets http://ff.im/-enB9d
* A Cannon for Shooting Supplies into Space http://ff.im/-elSA1

* 24 Questions for Elementary Physics in 21st Century http://ff.im/-enw8h
* Rethinking the Open Nature of the Internet http://ff.im/-enuzy
* Self-Control Is Contagious, Study Finds  http://ff.im/-emxy9
* Nanotube transistors shrink smaller than silicon size http://ff.im/-emxpM

* Diamond Icebergs and Oceans on Uranus and Neptune http://ff.im/-emwVC
* A flying boost for neuroscience – wasp genome  http://ff.im/-emw3j
* Dragging Telephone Numbers Into the Internet Age  http://ff.im/-emu0A
* China begins monitoring billions of text messages http://ff.im/-emtJ4
* Lifetime on a chip http://ff.im/-emoZZ

* Angry Flies May Help Explain Human Aggression http://ff.im/-emeQF
* Ethical Technology: Religion, Politics, Death, and Hope http://ff.im/-emc1x
* Innovation: The relentless rise of the digital worker http://ff.im/-emaA1
* Bible Possibly Written Centuries Earlier, Discovery Suggests http://ff.im/-em9Aw
* Scientists turn stem cells into pork http://ff.im/-em7zF
* Apple Patent Shows iPods Capable Of Receiving and Recording Live TV http://ff.im/-em6p7

* Robo Cafe robot promises end to the era of waiters and tips http://ff.im/-elUQg
* Belgian Woman Grows Transplanted Trachea in Her Forearm http://ff.im/-elUHw
* LG shows off newspaper-sized flexible e-ink display http://ff.im/-elRPA
* Toward Society 3.0: A New Paradigm for 21st century education http://ff.im/-elRnN
* BBC News – Steve Jobs and Sir Tim Berners-Lee baffle the Brits http://ff.im/-elPKQ
* Anxious or sexually competitive? Try God – New Scientist http://ff.im/-elPwb
* Ultra Modern Tafoni Home is a Floating Residence for San Francisco http://ff.im/-epslZ

* Robert Scoble: look back at 20 years of adobe Photoshop with John Knoll: http://bit.ly/8tvWxq
* Robert Scoble: Have you ever seen a cooler office than Charles Alleneck’s http://bit.ly/58EvpO
* Wildcat: The future of art & copyright in a short sci-fi story- Melancholy Elephants http://bit.ly/8fywxn
* Spaceweaver: Biologists wake dormant viruses and uncover mechanism for survival http://bit.ly/5VnowW
* RAPatton: Solar Eclipse January 2010: Sun turns into a blazing ring of glory http://bit.ly/7snXSh
* Causal Measures of Structure and Plasticity in Simulated and Living Neura http://bit.ly/5OZN60
* Wildcat: The dangers of a high-information diet http://bit.ly/8toTVY
* Alexander Kruel: Laser Simulation: Light, Radiation, Lasers, Photons, Energy Levels http://bit.ly/6p69hl
* Alexander Kruel: U.S. Diverts Spy Drone from Afghanistan to Haiti http://bit.ly/7daPYf

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