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Tristans Link archive – 24-25 December 2009

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* arXiv Black holes from the LHC could survive for minutes
* The computing power that created Avatar – Geek
* 2.3 Gigapixels of the Burj Dubai Stitched Together From 381
* BrainPaint – Is your brain really painting these images?
* So You Think Your Robot Can Dance Videos
* Body Heat Energy Generation

* arXiv: Physicists Discover New Way to Measure the Earth’s Magnetic Field
* arXiv blog: Unexpected Problems For Quantum Money
* The Hindu : Peak oil, peak wood — what’s with all the peaks?
* Switching off hunger hormone affects desire to drink
* Researchers Accidentally Demolish Building With Cannon-Like Gun

* Quick Assembly Concrete Cloth Shelters Last 10 Yrs
* Hand Size Not Sex Determines Sense of Touch
* Images of the year : Nature News
* Psychologists show future-minded people make better decisions for their health

* Digital jobs are no longer just traditional computer science jobs….
* Scientists create world’s first molecular transistor
* Scientists discover how the brain encodes memories at a cellular level
* frontiers: First volume of microbial encyclopedia published
* The $75 Future Computer –

* Spectacular Spectrums: 10 Amazing Rainbows
* TED2010: Program Guide
* How do I know China wrecked the Copenhagen deal? I was in the room ~ The Guardian
* IEEE Spectrum: A Form-fitting Photovoltaic Artificial Retina
* YouTube – Voice Controlled Augmented Reality Search Interface

* xixidu: Digital Quantum Batteries Managing Risk of a Quantum Engineering Age
* Anibal M. Astobiza: McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT – Must See 20 Minute Video
* xixidu: how can a mindclone be conscious or immortal if its not even alive?
* Anibal M. Astobiza: 3-D channels pave way for man-made organs
* Steven Perez: Presenting a genomic encyclopedia of bacteria and archaea
* Steven Perez: Stem Cells Cure Blind Man – stem cell – Gizmodo

* Because they cant obtain it,it is unobtainable, it is Unobtanium!
* james reilly: TVs Unintended Consequences
* xixidu: Can Computers Win the Turing Test?
* xixidu: First female sex robot unveiled at the Adult Entertainment Expo Jan 7-10
* xixidu: The Information Age is Over: Collective Imagination
* xixidu: Chimps Don’t Run From Fire—They Dance With It
* xixidu: A Microbial Encyclopedia

* Iván Abrego: Light Painting « Flickr Blog
* xixidu: Mars 2016 Methane Orbiter: Searching for Signs of Life
* xixidu: Females may harbor biological inner male
* xixidu: Trading Shares in Milliseconds

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