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Tristans Link archive – 21-23 December 2009

* Voice Controlled Augmented Reality Search Interface | YouTube http://ff.im/-dgT0a
* IEEE Spectrum: A Form-fitting Photovoltaic Artificial Retina  http://ff.im/-dgYIB
* Meh Transhumanism – cold war futurism,enviro-futurism,techno-optimism,transhuman… http://ff.im/-dgR8O
* Book: How to Teach Physics to Your Dog Is Out Today! http://ff.im/-dgPS6
* Botnet Baddies Setting Up Own ISPs For Unfettered Spamming | Gizmodo http://ff.im/-dgL47

* Robotic Knee Helps Perfectly Healthy Runners Run Even Better | Popular Science http://ff.im/-dgHRb
* You Could Hire This Robot Teacher for $77,000 | Fast Company http://ff.im/-dgdXD
* Facebook fuelling divorce, research claims | Telegraph http://ff.im/-dgckT
* We continue to teach our kids French but we don’t teach them Ruby On Rails. @timoreilly: http://ff.im/-dg4Di

* A Review Of The Best Robots of 2009 | Singularity Hub http://ff.im/-dg32o
* We now know that the brain controls the formation of bone. http://ff.im/-dg2JQ
* New human reproductive hormone could lead to novel contraceptives http://ff.im/-dg2t6
* Physicists propose quantum entanglement for motion of microscopic objects http://ff.im/-dg1mt
* Glitter-sized solar photovoltaics to generate same Solar Energy from 100 times less Silicon http://ff.im/-dfZuT

* Facial Recognition on Facebook (Video) | Singularity Hub http://ff.im/-dfZMj
* Book: Experimental Man http://ff.im/-dfZ9X
* Synchronization of multiple coupled rf-SQUID Flux Qubits http://ff.im/-dfYlD
* Invisible bracelet for emergency health alerts? http://ff.im/-ddE00
* X51A Hypersonic demonstration vehicle Goes for a Spin on a B52 http://ff.im/-ddl8W

* Special Ops robots now do psychological warfare • The Register http://ff.im/-ddkur
* Implantable Solar Cells Might Power Next Generation of In Vivo Devices http://ff.im/-ddjWs
* Why Embeddable Virtual Worlds are the Future via @chrisgrayson  – http://bit.ly/6DITQ9 http://ff.im/-ddjaS
* 2010 preview: Is this the year that we create life? – New Scientist http://ff.im/-ddhDQ
* Single light wave flashes out from fibre laser – New Scientist http://ff.im/-dd6fB

* LG unveils worlds thinnest LCD panel. Sure, whatever just 0.1 inch thick. http://ff.im/-dd50j
* Machine Translates Thoughts into Speech in Real Time http://ff.im/-dd4v1
* NASA Tests Unique Jumbo Jet with Opening in Side; Plane’s Airborne Telescope to Study Cosmos http://ff.im/-dd4jl

* Broadcast Streaming Video – iPhone Finally Has an App http://ff.im/-dd3sU
* Status of Flying Cars – Parajet, Samson Motorworks and Terrifugia Transition http://ff.im/-dd3aT
* Cutting edge chemistry in 2009 http://ff.im/-dd2Ro
* A Tooth-mounted hearing aid for the masses http://bit.ly/7EYaF8 http://ff.im/-dbFP5
* Paxshikai’s 100th i-SOBOT Video | BotJunkie http://ff.im/-dbFnn

* Engage the x drive: Ten ways to traverse deep space – New Scientist http://ff.im/-dbBoR
* World’s Oldest Known DNA Discovered : Discovery News -… [pic] http://ff.im/-dbtn2
* 100+ Beautiful Examples of Black and White Photography http://ff.im/-dbs1J
* How 3-D Movie Projection Works | Wired http://ff.im/-dbpuZ

* TR: Nervy Repair: explains how his new nerve stretching technique works to grow artificial nerve http://ff.im/-dbovn
* TR: Videos: Searching Unstructured Data http://ff.im/-dbo8y
* TR: Evolution of Technology : When a technology first appears in the world, it is not understood.. http://ff.im/-dbmQj
* TR: Reactions on Demand – Microcapsules isolate reactants until laser bursts bubble http://ff.im/-dbf3n

* Virtual Repair – Augmented reality helps mechanics fix vehicles. http://ff.im/-dbeGU
* Technology Review: Quantum Leap in Battery Design http://ff.im/-dbdsy
* Overcoming Bias : Ho Hum Nuclear Winter http://ff.im/-daSik
* Responsible Nanotechnology: RE: Nanofactories In the Basement? http://ff.im/-daRqC
* Basement development? Big leaps? – Eric Drexler http://ff.im/-daysg

* key theory: Animal study demos how whole chromosome changes cause cancer http://ff.im/-daQiV
* Submersible glider spent months collecting data on Atlantic waters – washingtonpost http://ff.im/-daw71
* 10 Worst Uses of Augmented Reality in 2009 http://ff.im/-davhA

* Overcoming Bias : China Ascendant http://ff.im/-dav22
* Evanescent waves bring new window into the nanoworld – physicsworld http://ff.im/-dauk9
* 2010 preview: Automotive X Prize contestants power up New Scientist http://ff.im/-dau64
* The skull bone is different to the hip bone – Telegraph -… [pic] http://ff.im/-dagWZ
* Brain-Saving, Mind-Blowing, Hi-Tech Medical Imaging… http://ff.im/-dagEL
* Android to power Raytheon’s RATS battlefield networking system http://ff.im/-d9gur
* Documentary Heaven | Free Online Documentaries – http://documentaryheaven.com/

* XiXiDu: By Thought Alone: Mind Over Keyboard http://bit.ly/6JTZvS
* XiXiDu: Study: Velociraptor’s Cousin Had a Venomous Bite and Saber-Teeth http://bit.ly/5c2sBL
* XiXiDu: Technology Roundup – Quantum computer Algorithm http://bit.ly/6MesGF
* XiXiDu: Unique nanomechanical response of DNA allows high-speed direct digital detection http://bit.ly/7nLkgH
* XiXiDu: An Introduction to Biotechnology and Bioinformatics http://bit.ly/5ELC0c
* Anibal M. Astobiza: Neural coding of working memory: http://www.pnas.org/content/106/50/21341

* XiXiDu: Machine learning video lecture series (Stanford) http://bit.ly/8O8Vr6
* XiXiDu: Chimps and fire http://bit.ly/71fa7N
* XiXiDu: Researchers break into BitLocker (getting around Microsoft’s disk-encryption) http://bit.ly/906c8z
* XiXiDu: Technical explanation of Predator drone hack published http://bit.ly/8R1viv
* mikolka: 40 Examples Of Beautiful Beach Photography Shots http://bit.ly/6MecBc

* Wildcat: go read this :Internet-Manifesto\How journalism works today. Seventeen declarations. http://bit.ly/82QVgg
* XiXiDu: Broader Perspective: Engineering life into technology http://bit.ly/7E3n5H
* XiXiDu: Video: Tim Tyler: The risks of caution http://bit.ly/5g9zx9
* Anibal M. Astobiza: Leaf-eating monkeys may be wiped out by climate change  http://bit.ly/6bAh14

* Kimber Scott: Even Bacteria Get Lonely : Discovery News http://bit.ly/6Sph30
* Steven Perez: Vanished Precambrian Life Forms Were Like Nothing Before or Since Ediacarans http://bit.ly/7itQFF
* Wildcat: Why Wise Leaders Don’t Know Too Much – Harvard Business Review  http://bit.ly/4QiayG
* XiXiDu: If Time Flew, You Had Fun http://bit.ly/7dClHm
* Ami Iida: Brain-Saving, Mind-Blowing, Hi-Tech Medical Imaging http://bit.ly/8JHnPb

* XiXiDu: Bloggingheads.tv – Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Mechanics http://bit.ly/6SzBM0
* XiXiDu: Addicted to Sex? The Internet? Friendship? http://bit.ly/6ZFGcC
* Wildcat: Being online: Your identity in real life–what people know – O’Reilly Radar – http://bit.ly/6hFSSN

* Anibal M: Female facial attractiveness increases during the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle. http://bit.ly/8G0OaZ
* Anibal M. Astobiza: Addicted to Sex? The Internet? Friendship?  http://bit.ly/5m5e14
* Anibal M. Astobiza: Sex differences in molecular neuroscience: from fruit flies to humans http://bit.ly/5fWr8z
* George Dearing: “No Words Needed” when searching is indeed cool http://bit.ly/6km4Qs
* Goran Zec: ‘A Universe From Nothing’ by Lawrence Krauss, AAI 2009 http://bit.ly/6fSkxW
* Christopher A Carr: Murray Gell-Mann on beauty and truth in physics | Video on TED.com http://bit.ly/7lrIiB

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