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Link archive – 19-20 December 2009

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* Proposed NASA Mission Would Sail the Seas of Titan | Slashdot
* Computer Helps Improve the Fit of Prosthetic Limbs – NYTimes
* A Universe From Nothing’ by Lawrence Krauss.
* Excellent article for any business owner or entrepreneur. How Toyota lost its way…
* Robot Flute And Saxophone Duet Sounds Like Middle School

* Robotic Suit Gets Me That Much Closer to Being a Real-Life Iron Man
* Construction of 50-km Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, started, expected completion 2016.
* Nuclear Reactor Wall Charts – Flickr
* The next medical frontier: nano-surgery

* Internal Twitter Credentials Used in DNS Hack, Redirect
* New Second Life iPhone Client
* Totally Implantable Hearing Device Under Approval in US
* Abuse of Alcohol, Pot Linked to Same Genes
* Al Fin: The Brain Is Far More Complex Than Believed

* New Rules for the New Economy In the network economy a firm’s primary focus….
* Electroweak stars predicted –
* How Santa Does It: Clones, Wormholes and Memory-Elimination Devices
* A Tantalizing Hint of Dark Matter? No. : Starts With A Bang
* Physicist sees through the opaque with T-rays
* 17 Movies We’re Geeked Out For in 2010

* Prague from the TV Tower – 18 Gigapixel Panoramic
* Google-Fujitsu join ‘smart objects’ alliance

* George Dearing: “No Words Needed” when searching is indeed cool
* Goran Zec: ‘A Universe From Nothing’ by Lawrence Krauss, AAI 2009
* Christopher A Carr: Murray Gell-Mann on beauty and truth in physics
* Anibal M. Astobiza: 25 Products That Might Just Change The World
* Spaceweaver: Nowhere to Hide From the Buzz of Civilization

* Wildcat: Ten years from now …Cracked, cloudy or clear? The crystal ball report:
* Wildcat: Stranger than Fiction: Technology And Science Fiction, system-Level Design
* Amira: List of unsolved problems – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
* Alexander Kruel: Molecular Manufacturing: Where’s the progress?
* Myrna: Snowflakes, the coolest shapes on the planet are even more beautiful close up –

* Myrna: A Journey Round My Skull
* Wildcat: Being online: identity, anonymity, and all things in between – O’Reilly
*  Amira: Unconscious Decisions in the Brain
* Alexander Kruel: Twitter gets hacked and redirected by Iranian Cyber Army
* Goran Zec: Bug powder causes male bedbugs to stab each other to death with their penises

* Wildcat: -Darwinian theory best idea of all time, but why did it take so long to evolve?
* Wildcat: The Cyber Sea: World’s Largest Internet Undersea Science Station Boots Up
* Alexander Kruel: Electric Sheep artificial life screensaver goes super hi-rez
* Alexander Kruel: Earth’s Upper Atmosphere is Cooling | Universe Today
* Alexander Kruel: What will battling spacecraft look like?
* Myrna: Lilla Rogers» Blog Archive » New Work by Mati Rose McDonough

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