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Link archive – 15-16 December 2009

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* World’s longest 270-kilometre optical fiber laser segment created
* Microsoft Tackles the Child Pornography Problem
* Your Best Shot 2009: For the Birds « Flickr Blog
* Tracking social nets could help find terrorists
* Autonomous Agricultural Robot

* Did Great Artists Inspire Avatar? Pics:
* Twitter Helps Reunite Camera with Owner –
* Potential Energy: Return of the Steam Engine?
* Toshiba debuts 64GB flash chip: 128GB iPod touch, 256GB Apple tablet comes to mind
* American Society Cell Biology 2009 (Celldance) competition Winners

* Game-Changing Nano Water Filter
* Dialoguing with the US Military on the Ethics of Battlebots, Ben Goertzel
* Scientists decode memory-forming brain cell conversations
* Boeing Dreamliner First Flight Video
* M.I.T. Ushers in Biking 2.0
* Adapter Puts Blu-Ray, Xbox 360, and PS3 On Your iMac 27 –

* Japanese Store Selling Custom-Made Robots That Look Like Their Owners
* Martin Ford Asks: Will Automation Lead to Economic Collapse?
* Building a Global Cyber Police Force
* Rock-breathing’ bacteria could generate electricity and clean up oil spills
* Ep1: An Eruption in Space-Time | LiveScience
* The Puzzling Paradox of Sign Language

* IEEE Spectrum: MIT Gets in the Motion-Sensing Game
* Digital Urban: Virtual London – Available via Skape World January 2010
* How electricity became a right, and what it means for broadband
* Portrait of a Multitasking Mind: SciAm
* VIRTUAL WORLDS list with VIDEOs. –
* When robots have feelings | Peter Singer and Agata Sagan

* Cleaning Cat uses iRobot Roomba 560 Vacuum.
* Augmented Times: Augmented Reality in 2010 (Part 1-5)
* Hobby Robots Can Jump
* Robovie Takes You Shopping,
* 4G Networks Open For Business (Sort of) in Norway and Sweden – SciAm

* Slam dunk for future smart robots
* Fake blood cells so agile they can carry drugs
* World’s Largest Solar Office Building Opens in China
* IBM chums with Swiss to build 3D brain-density processors
* Diagram of Geek Culture
* NIH Guides Nanomedicine Towards Killing Cancer

Likes: (new)
* Alexander Kruel: Hitachi’s Desktop Electron Microscope –Cheap Enough for Home Use?
* Alexander Kruel: News for 2009-12-15

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