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Link archive – 11-14 December 2009

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* The Perfect Gift For the Physicist Who Thinks In Ten Dimensions
* Holographic Architectural Imaging by Zebra
* First measurement of cancer biomarkers in whole blood
* Amazing Animated Optical Illusions!
* 45 Breathtaking Examples of Slow Shutter Speed Photography

* Different Software Development Models –
* For a positive future spin, highly recommend PF’s; 200+ articles:…
* A Fusion of Sound, Form, and Space — Illusion 360 – Video
* Neil deGrasse Tyson: Why we use the term ‘theory’ instead of ‘law’.
* Eight Innovations that Will Change Your Future –
* Future Human Evolution Art Gallery
* Cool Animated Computer Inside GIF –

* Device mimics human muscle size and strength
* If machines? can fly kites, then what are humans good for?…
* Food for thought: The New American Dream Home? A Rental
* Explore the galaxy at different wavelengths!
* Are Cells From Old People Still Good For Therapeutic Use?

* Technology Review: Cheap, Plastic Memory for Flexible Devices
* The Human Ecology of Collapse
* Popeye, the pattern recognition solver
* Google Demonstrates Quantum Algorithm Promising Superfast Search
* Computing with a wave of the hand (w/ Video)
* Switching a Gene in Adult Mice Easily Transforms Females Into Males

* Fantasy Worlds HD Wallpapers
* Bye bye keys: Face recognition door lock |
* In Energy Innovation, Everything New Is Old Again
* Roach Acts As Brain for Robot (Video)
* Stanford researchers develop the next generation of retinal implants
* The First Decade: Has the internet brought us together or driven us apart?
* One Damn Fast Micromouse
* Surgery on beating heart thanks to robotic helping hand

* This scanner uses lasers to capture complex forms in 3D, with resolution up to 40 microns
* David Ope – today and tomorrow
* IEEE Spectrum: Nuclear-Powered Transponder for Cyborg Insect

* 2010 predictions Augmented Reality, Internet, and the coming decade. –
* DNA sheds new light on horse evolution
* Brain scan reveals who will keep their promises
* The Ninth Annual Year in Ideas*
* Quantum Dots Enhance LED Lighting
* Lumino Project: Next-Generation Lego Crossed With Microsoft Surface
* Video: Look Silly with Augmented Reality

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