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Link archive – 04 December 2009

* Have We Entered The Biopolitical Age? – Summit Dec 4: – http://ff.im/-cmorW
* Humanity+ Summit Dec 5-6. Schedule: http://hplus.eventbrite.com twitter tag #Hplus

* Extrasolar Planet directly Imaged | Universe Today http://ff.im/-coXDp
* Researchers succeed in building a working single-atom transistor http://ff.im/-coXqL

* New Artificial Larynx Does Away With Dreaded ‘Robot Voice’ | Popular Science http://ff.im/-coP55
* Floating House – My Modern Metropolis http://ff.im/-coOUn
* IEEE : Cat Brain Cat Fight – Podcast http://ff.im/-coLTs

* Brain-Control Gaming Headset Launching Dec. 21 | SD http://ff.im/-coJE2
* A (nano-) window that washes itself? http://ff.im/-coDaV
* Download Your Own Robot Scientist | Wired http://ff.im/-coBLm

* Next-Gen Simulators to Blur the Line between Person and Avatar: Scientific American http://ff.im/-coo3v
* Paper screens could provide depth to computer display – New Scientist : Video http://ff.im/-conuL
* 61 of the Year’s Most Amazing Scientific Images | Popular Science http://ff.im/-cokKn
* Wingsuit soldiers: Yes, man really can fly | DVICE http://ff.im/-cok8M
* Monetizing your digital self -… http://ff.im/-coiwG

* TEDxAmsterdam: Kevin Kelly on Vimeo http://ff.im/-cmCg8
* Have We Entered The Biopolitical Age? – http://ff.im/-cmorW
* 78 Stunning Landscape Desktop Wallpapers http://ff.im/-cmn87
* Not only is this nuts, but also how I feel on a pretty regular… http://ff.im/-cmjO8
* half life of a popular online story or video is 69 minutes. #sn09 http://ff.im/-clNeo
* Researchers demonstrate a better way for computers to ‘see’ (w/ Video) http://ff.im/-cluJ9

* Lasers used to make first boron-nitride nanotube yarn http://ff.im/-cls57
* Square iPhone Credit-Card Reader to Change the Banking Game? | Fast Company http://ff.im/-cle5I
* Computers top poll of modern discoveries – New Scientist http://ff.im/-cl79b
* Do mice with two mothers spell the end for men? – New Scientist http://ff.im/-cl6tg
* Intel Demonstrates Programmable 48-Core Chip – Intel – Gizmodo http://ff.im/-cl3y5
* Bing Introduces 3-D Photosynth Maps | Fast Company http://ff.im/-cl2zl

* Study: Biotech Mice With Two Moms (and No Dad) Live Longer -… http://ff.im/-cl1wM
* Split-personality home routers can cut net energy use – New Scientist http://ff.im/-cjm8D
* Al Fin: Abstracting the Brain: A Simpler Emulation? http://ff.im/-cjcrM

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