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Link archive – 02 December 2009

* Recap of five major physics theories and how CERN’s LHC could impact their validity -… http://ff.im/-ciSzm
* 3D Ultrasound for Future Parents http://ff.im/-ciyNH
* Video Calling Comes to the iPhone  | GigaOM http://ff.im/-ciu0V
* A Forest-Filled Jenga Tower Grows in China http://ff.im/-cio4j
* Supersize Orgasms? | Science Blog http://ff.im/-ciUp8
* Sci Fi Science: Inflation Theory : Video http://ff.im/-ciT4U

* Videos from the International Robot Exhibition in Japan | BotJunkie http://ff.im/-ci8Qv
* French scientists create skin fast from stem cells | Reuters http://ff.im/-ci32i
* The complicated history of simple scientific facts http://ff.im/-ci2ss
* New Microscope Reveals the Shape of Atoms: Scientific American http://ff.im/-chXfV
* Optical pressure sensors give robots the human touch – New Scientist http://ff.im/-chVsh
* Shanghai World Expo 2010 Will be an Amazing Architectural Freak Show http://ff.im/-chT8E

* Sighted: Secret US Aircraft in Afghanistan http://ff.im/-chRDv
* Microsoft ‘Cool-Tether’ Combines Multiple Smartphones into High-Speed Hotspot http://ff.im/-chRzQ
* Books to Read (And Give) Now – http://ff.im/cgzSX http://ff.im/-chJZC
* Symphony of Science – ‘Our Place in the Cosmos http://ff.im/-cfpp1
* The pill’ for him: Scientists find a hormonal on-and-off switch for male fertility http://ff.im/-cfpj6

* The 6th ROBO-ONE GATE Dance Competition http://ff.im/-cfeGu
* NBF: Reply to: Charlie Stross: Technology for Starships, Closer Stars and Bigger Civilization http://ff.im/-ceZMi
* 25 Spectacular Light Painting Images http://ff.im/-ceEbh
* Seth’s Blog: Watch the money http://ff.im/-ceCvT

* First live targeting of tumors with RNA-based technology http://ff.im/-ceru9
* Dutch Scientists Grow First Pork Meat In Lab | Popular Science http://ff.im/-ceoS2
* European Team May Have Solved Galactic ‘Chicken or Egg’ Conundrum | Popular Science http://ff.im/-ceoO5
* Futures Thinking: Scanning the World | Open The Future | Fast Company http://ff.im/-ceov2
* Kangaroos may hold skin cancer cure http://ff.im/-censr

* Next Generation of 3D Printer: RepRapII | Singularity Hub http://ff.im/-ceme7
* The Present and Future of Military – Talon Robot | Singularity Hub http://ff.im/-celGz
* Italian doctor may have found surprisingly simple cure for Multiple Sclerosis http://ff.im/-ccotN
* Toyota’s Driving Simulator http://ff.im/-ccof3
* VIDEO: Real-time “Face Detection” in #Flash – http://is.gd/57zf6 via… http://ff.im/-ceuSz

* Mini Microbe Portraits From the Micropolitan Museum | Wired http://ff.im/-ccnkc
* BBC – Australian aims to breed ‘green’ sheep that burp less http://ff.im/-cc9SO
* 3D Art – http://www.humorearth.com/galleries/view/id/214/3D-ART# [pic] http://ff.im/-cc9wh
* video: Head Up Display with MEMS Laser Pico-Projector http://ff.im/-cbRvd

* Twitter’s new Geolocation feature MUST be turned on to use it on settings:… http://ff.im/-cbR4n
* Five Social Media Predictions for 2010 http://ff.im/-cbHuM
* LHC at the High Energy Frontier http://ff.im/-cbF13
* Conquering cancer with implants? Bioengineered vaccines and magnetic nanodiscs show promise.. http://ff.im/-cbEMC
* Temple of the mind unlocked : Nature News http://ff.im/-cbEt6
* Ultrathin, algae-based batteries could charge things you never thought possible – http://ff.im/-cbufn

* Wallpaper Roundup: Abstract Ice and Snowy Scenes http://ff.im/-cbrEH
* Seth’s Blog: Getting meta http://ff.im/-cbqQl
* Venessa: Twitters Intelligent Welcome to Web 30 http://ff.im/-cbqDL
* Bamzooki – Augmented Reality TV Game Show http://ff.im/-cbmmQ
* Pay future time travelers to rescue you from the present — just $10!. http://ff.im/-cblCg
* TweetCloud of a year of my tweets. Top three words: video, 2009, brain – http://w33.us/22bz

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