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Link Archive – 23 November 2009

* How the brain filters out distracting thoughts to focus on a single bit of information http://ff.im/-bS5Hk
* Eating with the fishes http://ff.im/-bS55H
* Heat-Sensitive Color-Morphing Glass Tiles http://ff.im/-bS4YT
* The empathy gene – Holy Kaw! http://ff.im/-bRC04
* CosmoLearning | All 6000+ Courses – http://www.cosmolearning.com/courses/
* The Digital Binocular Station – AR http://ff.im/-bR10F

* 50 Amazing Realistic CG Portraits – Noupe http://ff.im/-bQZEk
* Toyota Partner Robots heading to the moon, offworld colonies inevitable -… http://ff.im/-bQXtH
* Broader Perspective: Humanity: hedgehog or fox? http://ff.im/-bQXnU
* ConceptArt.– Medusa, Flaming Babies and More… http://ff.im/-bPbeH
* Has Sci-Fi Run Out of Steam? http://ff.im/-bOOOM
* Magic Mouse Drivers for Windows Now Available http://ff.im/-bOFMk

* CERN: Want a better idea of what is a “splash” of particles?: http://ow.ly/Eeez . http://ff.im/-bNwMI
* Large Hadron Collider ready to restart – The Big Picture http://ff.im/-bNvec

* Nanotechnology Today: researchers create nanoparticle coat to prevent freezing rain buildup.- http://ff.im/-bN0Mr
* How LED Tattoos Could Make Your Skin a Screen | Wired – http://ff.im/-bMZHm
* Slashdot :How Heavy Is the Internet? – http://ff.im/-bMZey

* How Long Can a Nuclear Reactor Last?: Scientific American – http://ff.im/-bMMaO
* Sony’s Massive 280-inch 3D LED Display – http://ff.im/-bMLho
* Intel Wants Brain Implants in Its Customers’ Heads by 2020 | Popular Science – http://ff.im/-bMKd4
* Atomic-level Snapshot Catches Protein Motor in Action (w/ Video) – http://ff.im/-bMgct
* Another Nice Pic/Wallpaper set… – http://ff.im/-bJpFP
* Olympus BioScapes Competition Winners (9 Images) | Photo of the Day http://ff.im/-bJn0N
* Black Hole Drive Could Power Future Starships – http://ff.im/-bJleE

* Plasma Rocket Could Help Pick Up Space Trash | Universe Today- http://ff.im/-bJl21
* MITnews: Liquid battery big enough for the electric grid? – http://ff.im/-bJiQt
* arXiv: The Emerging Field of Biophotonic Communication – http://ff.im/-bJhCJ
* Laser Weapon Shoots Down Airplanes In Test – http://ff.im/-bJgTh
* LHC Update « Not Even Wrong – http://ff.im/-bJacQ
* YouTube Now Reads Your Lips for Automatic Captions, Kinda – http://ff.im/-bJ7YP
* This Is Not Your Grade School Solar System: Gallery – http://ff.im/-bIG1U
* BBC News – Lab worms are stunned by ‘phaser’ – http://ff.im/-bIBKs
* Google Chrome OS revealed, won’t be ready for a year – http://ff.im/-bIAyb

* SCI-FI Science; Physics of the Impossible (Micho Kaku) Series Clip – http://ff.im/-bGU7u
* Interactive Entertainment using Augmented Reality – http://ff.im/-bGxpB
* Uranium to 2020 Update – http://ff.im/-bGwWU
* Fwd: Beyond genomics, biologists and engineers decode the next frontier -.. http://ff.im/-bFBxC
* New Software To Assist Doctors in Making Decisions – http://ff.im/-bFAV4

* Mesmerizing, Isn’t It? | Popular Science – http://ff.im/-bFA4n
* Application Makes Your iPhone Blow Air – http://ff.im/-bFzNS
* NEC’s New TV Remote Uses No Batteries – http://ff.im/-bFzIj
* Video: iStetho Turns your iPhone into a Stethoscope – http://ff.im/-bFzxv
* Nanotech Exterminators: Scientists Capture, Destroy Cancer Cells in Bloodstream – http://ff.im/-bFzlm

* Al Fin: Actually, No, IBM Did NOT Simulate a Cat’s Brain http://ff.im/-bGvVc
* The Cat is Out of the Bag and BlueMatter http://ff.im/-bDFYI

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