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Link Favourites archive – 18 October 2009

* Ask the Brains: Are our Brains Constantly Making Subconscious Calculations?: SciAm http://ff.im/-bDvxf
* Bigger not necessarily better, when it comes to brains http://ff.im/-bDsPp
* The Coming Nuclear Crisis : arXiv: http://ff.im/-bDq1l
* What’s Your Strategy for the Next Decade? – Harvard http://ff.im/-bDphj
* Inter-Dimensional Space Travel — Illusion 360 – Amazing Art http://ff.im/-bDoYv
* IEEE Spectrum: Numonyx Makes Stackable Phase-Change Memory http://ff.im/-bDofT

* Video: Bombproof Wallpaper Test http://ff.im/-bDnUu
* Can these sunglasses really stop bullets? | DVICE http://ff.im/-bDng3
* Quantum Physics Visualized – Quantum sculptures – Gizmodo http://ff.im/-bDncs
* The Ten Best Videos Of Man (and Creature) Fused With Machines – Cyborgs Gizmodo http://ff.im/-bDn5i
* Could Future Space Missions Infect the Milky Way? http://ff.im/-bCiFF
* Quantum processor executes 160 different operations – physicsworld.com http://ff.im/-bCipj

* Mark Cuban’s Plan to Choke Google’s Super Powers – Mark Cuban – Gizmodo http://ff.im/-bChGC
* ALMA Telescope Takes Its First Sub-Millimeter Measurements of Space | Popular Science http://ff.im/-bCdFN
* Selected sessions streamed live from Web 2.0 Expo New York http://tv.web2expo.com/ http://ff.im/-bCc0l
* 15 Google Interview Questions That Will Make You Feel Stupid http://ff.im/-bCb76
* A “Dino Chicken” Could Be Created in Five Years By Reversing Evolution -… [pic] http://ff.im/-bCaF0

* A new look for Google Translate -… http://ff.im/-bC9L9
* Evidence of other universes? http://ff.im/-bC9AT
* Nanotechnology team discover how to capture tumor cells in bloodstream http://ff.im/-bC5ww
* New iPhone Robot Remote-Control Lets Your Fingers Do the Walking |Fast Company http://ff.im/-bBXAk
* Multitouch Poker: The Future of Casinos? http://ff.im/-bBXtI
* and the story begins – ConceptArt http://ff.im/-bA6J4

* Adobe Releases Flash Player 10.1 And AIR 2.0 – Both Include Multi-touch Support http://ff.im/-bA5OK
* 80+ Strange and Fantastic Buildings Architecture | Showcases | instantShift http://ff.im/-bA3Pa
* Scientists Create Bacteria that Lights Up Around Landmines : http://ff.im/-bzUAo
* Titanic Thirty Meter Telescope Will See Deep Space More Clearly | Wired http://ff.im/-bzlBi
* Copyright Time Bomb Set To Go Off http://ff.im/-bzl0c
* The War For the Web – O’Reilly Radar http://ff.im/-bzkbw
* IEEE : For Willow Garage, Robotics Is Personal http://ff.im/-bzj0w
* Listen, watch, read: Computers search for meaning http://ff.im/-bx9kF
* Lecture: Introduction to Synthetic Biology http://ff.im/-bx5fb

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