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Link Favourites archive – 16 October 2009

* Can Your Body Be A Battery? – Blood batteries – Gizmodo http://ff.im/-bwyF7
* Integrating Sound and Vision to Enhance Robot Perception http://ff.im/-bwfU2
* SPDY: Google wants to speed up the web by ditching HTTP – Ars Technica http://ff.im/-bwzGM
* Mandelbulb: The Unravelling of the Real 3D Mandelbrot Fractal http://ff.im/-bvZyQ

* Nanodevices Bend under the Force of Light: Scientific American http://ff.im/-bvLz6
* Why the mainstream media is dying http://ff.im/-bvJ0p
* Universal programmable two-qubit quantum processor created http://ff.im/-bvDj7
* New Dating Sites Match People Through DNA Tests | Slashdot http://ff.im/-bvxK1
* Meet the British Man with the “Bionic Bottom” – Gizmodo http://ff.im/-bvtEc
* Random Thoughts: WorldWide Social Media Use Statistics http://ff.im/-bvt8N

* Esoteric Creativity: Michael Paulkner’s Visualizations | Brain Pickings http://ff.im/-buimu
* McCabism: Supersymmetry and the Large Hadron Collider http://ff.im/-btYTe
* The Carl Sagan deep space exploration vessel dwarfs its own builders http://ff.im/-btqDo
* Nanotechnology Today: Is your microrobot up for the (NIST) challenge? http://ff.im/-btq0S
* 33 Excellent OLED Energy Saving & Eco-Friendly Designs | WebEcoist http://ff.im/-btiLW

* Avatar Machine Design Museum – Designers in residence 2009 on Vimeo http://ff.im/-btiDt
* Voyage Through CERN’s Large Hadron Collider http://ff.im/-btiaJ
* LHC to Finally Start Next Week, Again | Wired http://ff.im/-brkSf
* Robot Practices Tai Chi And Swordplay In Preparation To Kill Us – Hubu 2 robot http://ff.im/-brfYm

* 4 reasons why V’s motherships don’t make sense | DVICE http://ff.im/-brfqw
* Finger Touching Phone Concept Gives You – Finger touching phone – Gizmodo http://ff.im/-brfdf
* Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena Many, many of them! http://bit.ly/UEM5Bhttp://ff.im/-bqN5N
* Dense Plasma Focus Fusion Video Background http://ff.im/-bqMM4

* Haptic Ring Lets You Feel Objects in Augmented Reality http://ff.im/-bqMBV
* German Architect Wants to Build World’s Largest Artificial Mountain  http://ff.im/-bqMgr
* Video: The View From the Highest Man-Made Point on Earth  http://ff.im/-bqM4V

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