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Link Favourites archive – 13 October 2009

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* IEEE Spectrum: Lessons From a Mechanical Child
* Signature of consciousness captured in brain scans…
* Weak Link In Cancer Cell Armor Identified
* Long Telomeres and Rebuilding Telomeres Clearly Linked to Living to 100
* Gene knockout may cheer up mice

* New Neurons Make Room for New Memories
* A Shortcut for Detecting Alien Worlds — ScienceNOW
* Soon, Babies May Have Three Biological Parents | Popular Science
* Single-Slot Graphics Card Drives Eight 2560×1600 Monitors Simultaneously –

* Quantum ‘trampoline’ to test gravity – New Scientist
* IEEE Spectrum: MIT’s Shape-Shifting Robots
* Unusual Massive White Dwarf Stars Have Oxygen Atmospheres | Universe Today
* New Speaker Design Turns Music Into Water-and-Light Show – Fast Company

* Firefighter 360 Augmented Reality Game–It’s Hot! | Fast Company
* Intelligent Learning Retinal Implants to Adapt to Real Eyes – Retinal implants
* Your Next Body Is Growing In a Lab Right Now – Gizmodo
* HMD System at Daimler AG
* Robot negotiator ends tense Colorado siege
* Amazing Homes Built with Whole Trees
* Australian scientists plan to regrow breasts after cancer

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