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Link Favourites archive – 12 October 2009

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* The Future of Vancouver Takes Shape – Olympic village – io9
* The Best Sub-Light Propulsion System This Side of Luyten 726-8B – Space – io9
* Nanotechnology Today: University of Cincinnati researchers create all-electric spintronics
* Augmented Times: New Video for ARForce
* ASIMO’s 9th birthday party and a bunch of pictures of the precursors to the capable little robot

* Iowa State engineers develop 3-D software to give doctors, students a view inside the body
* Video: Nokia’s Vision of Mobile Devices in 2015 – Nokia’s vision of the future 2015 – Gizmodo
* Evolution of a single gene linked to language : Nature News
* Surfing the Road On an iPhone-Controlled Oldsmobile – iphone car – Gizmodo
* Gadget Singularity: Let’s Ditch Our Buttons and Screens Forever – Gizmodo

* Nature’s Most Wicked-Looking Robot, the Bacteriophage
* Soccer-Ball-Sized Submersible Robots Will Track Ocean Currents and Disasters
* NASA Scientist Converts iPhone into Chemical Sniffer | Popular Science
* Joule Biotechnologies Figures Out How to Make Fuel from Air Fast Company
* Accelerating Future » AGI vs. Whole Brain Emulation —

* Freedom Leg Looks About 1,000,000x Better than Crutches
* NASA Creates Key Building Block of Life in Lab
* Technology Review: A Personal Power Generator
* Singularity University: Cracking the (Human) Code | Epicenter |
* Technology Review: Mimicking the Building Prowess of Nature

* X-ray diffraction microscopy peers into tiny cells –
* European Researchers Plan Automated “Road Trains”
* Mind Hacks: Emulating the brain on a chip
* Who Needs Sunglasses? New Contact Lenses Respond to Light
* Ultrasound security could help prevent implanted medical devices from getting hacked – Geek

* Physics Breakthrough at Twice the Speed of Light | h+ Magazine
* Mind Reading (Neural Decoding) Goes Mainstream | h+ Magazine
* Scientists decipher the formation of lasting memories | BreakThrough Digest Medical News
* Rupert Murdoch: for whom the net tolls
* Open the Future: Putting the Human Back Into the Post-Human

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