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Link Favourites archive – 10 October 2009

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* IEEE: How To Make a Humanoid Robot Open a Door
* Words, Gestures Are Translated By Same Brain Regions
* Audeo Captures Electrical Signals From The Brain To Create Sound –

* This Cyborg Life – Gizmodo
* I Never Thought Water Drops Looked Like This – High speed video – Gizmodo
* Tissue Penetrating Laser Images Tumors in A New Light
* MIT To Make Digital “SixthSense” Open Source
* Find the 15-Minute Competitive Advantage – HarvardBusiness

* Scientists want debate on animals with human genes | Reuters
* Replacement Penises Grown in Lab (For Rabbits Now, Humans Later?)
* Review of Vitamin D Video Beta Launch – It’s Pretty Awesome | Singularity Hub
* Artificial DNA -An Immortal Library of Human Knowledge?

* 45 Strange and Funny Photoshop Manipulations –
* Reminder to watch.. Michio Kaku: Physics of the Impossible (December 1st Science Channel 10pm)
* RT @tedgreenwald Merkle: Effort to build a nano robot arm wd cost $1b over 20 years. Won’t happen b/c gov’t funds…
* 10 Personal Branding Predictions for 2010 | – Dan Schawbel

* Advances on Many Fronts to Spinal Cord Injury Repair

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