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Link Favourites archive – 09 October 2009

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* IBM finds path to mobile and voice browsers
* Gene Therapy Stalls Development Of Huntington’s Disease In Mice
* Graphic: Evolution: life on Earth is one big extended family
* Slashdot: Tech Allows Stable Integration of Wind In the Power Grid
* mindhackz: Why Our Brains Will Never Live in the Matrix

* Broader Perspective: Ubiquitous information technology fields
* How an Engineer Turned a Cellphone Into a Microscope
* Pure Design Awesomeness by Niark | Webdesigner Depot
* AGI-09 Conference on Vimeo
* Cartoon.. [pic]

* Microsoft to show off new visualization language at PDC
* Martian landscapes – The Big Picture –
* IEEE Spectrum: Video AWE Robotic Wall Reconfigures Itself Into Workspace, Lounge
* FiatLux Visualize Free Is Now Free for All

* Signature of Antimatter Detected in Lightning
* Video: Microsoft Demonstrates Next-Gen Interface, with Motion Sensing and Eye Tracking | Popular Science
* How Much Power Does The Human Brain Require To Operate? | Popular Science

* Microsoft : Craig Mundie : demo of a Natural User Interface. With things like itracking….
* Robot With Digital Neurons Explores How Brains Adapt To Change | BotJunkie

* Michio Kaku: Physics of the Impossible (1st December Science Channel 10pm)

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