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Link Favourites archive – 06 November 2009

* AT&T On-The-Go Coupons – YouTube http://ff.im/-b40zT
* The Robots Are Coming! Oh, They’re Here. – NYTimes.com http://ff.im/-b3Kyh
* Applause For The SmartHand: Human-machine Interface Is Essential Link In Groundbreaking Prosthetic Hand http://ff.im/-b3Jrg
* Youthmobile 2030: 6 Crazy Cars for the Next Generation | Sustainability | Fast Company http://ff.im/-b3Jga

* How Superman Might Read the NY Times – Infractor http://ff.im/-b3J7F
* LaserMotive is First Ever Prize Winner in Space Elevator Games http://ff.im/-b3IKL
* Sony demos game controller to track motion and emotion – NS http://ff.im/-b3zGC

* Responsible Nanotechnology: CAD Robots For the Masses http://ff.im/-b3zrL
* Video: Robot Robovie Rescues Little Wooden Doll From Obstacle Course http://ff.im/-b3ye3
* Essay: Steve Jobs’ Legacy Is Missing Clue to Apple Tablet http://ff.im/-b3xDA

* Does Technology Reduce Social Isolation? http://ff.im/-b3x4E
* The mind and brain in 2010 http://ff.im/-b3wLo
* Gregory Benford On Artificial Biological Selection for Longevity http://ff.im/-b3wkj

* Video: Robots Taught Human Communication Secrets: http://ff.im/-b3w8A
* Company sequences whole human genome for $1,700 http://ff.im/-b3s9L

* Book: The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe http://ff.im/-b3rtj
* Wired’s Map of the Future http://ff.im/-b3q9k

* New Laser Cure for Cataracts | BreakThrough Digest Medical News http://ff.im/-b3obp

* No joke: Large Hadron Collider shut down by speck of bread | DVICE http://ff.im/-b3k6M
* New Digital ‘Electronics’ Concept May Continue Moore’s Law http://ff.im/-b3iLo

* Technology Review: A Battery-Free Implantable Neural Sensor http://ff.im/-b11Y8
* Are we Entering a Robotics Era of Evolution? http://ff.im/-b10CK
* Chris Seidel’s 2008 talk at The Last HOPE – GREAT VIDEO ABOUT THE BIOLOGY FIELD AND WHERE ITS GOING http://ff.im/-b0VNR
* Genes show when a woman’s biological clock will stop – New Scientist http://ff.im/-aZBRZ
* Nanotechnology devices: Molecular machines shift into gear http://ff.im/-aXMrU

* Three Paradoxes of the Internet Age – Part One – O’Reilly Radar http://ff.im/-aXM6q
* Shareable Ink Turns Paper Forms Into Digital Entry System http://ff.im/-aXHI5
* Top Twitter Lists – http://www.vobios.com/twitter-lists/ http://ff.im/-aXDLn
* Interview: Space Station’s IT guys http://ff.im/-aXDop
* IEEE Spectrum: Capturing Sound with Smoke and Lasers http://ff.im/-aXCgs

* European Space Agency launches flood-predicting, earth monitoring satellite http://ff.im/-aXB6z
* Scientists Build a Smarter Rat http://ff.im/-aX2HJ
* Military Links Drones into Unmanned Squadrons http://ff.im/-aX2x2

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