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Link Favourites archive – 01-02 October 2009

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* Kissing was developed ‘to spread germs’ – Telegraph
* Molecular Manufacturing and the Origin of Life
* OWLE Hacks The iPhone to Make A Serious, Zooming Video Camera
* Giving America a Vision Implant- Crayfish, Neurochemicals and the Future of Your Civilization
* NASA Shuttle-derived Sidemount Heavy Launch Vehicle Concept
* Secret To Spider-Glue Discovered

* Mini HoverDrone Goes Up, Down and Into the Junk Drawer
* Synthetic biology enables green petroleum
* Microsoft’s Lost Decade
* World’s Largest Cruise Ship Sets Sail

* Cell Size and Scale
* Observations TEDMED: The Power of the Mind over the Body

* Deflating the Air Car
* Flexible Microsystems Deliver Drugs through the Ear

* Air Board Personal Hovercraft Offers Opportunities for Embarrassment
* 26 Eye-Catching Long Exposure Photographs –
* Total Immersion’s Augmented Reality 3D Puzzle
* TEDMED 2009 – Day 3

* Google’s Eric Schmidt on What the Web Will Look Like in 5 Years
* Augmented Reality Ghosts Coming to Nintendo DSi (video)
* Slim, warm superconductors promise faster electronics n
* Brain Cells Chat, Even Without a Synapse
* Speech-to-Speech Translator Developed For IPhone

* What Does a Smart Brain Look Like?: Inner Views Show How We Think
* Brain surgery through the nose
* The Muralizer Draws Art on Your Wall Automatically [Robots]
* Privacy is dead, social media hold smoking gun

* Study uncovers key to how ‘triggering event’ in why cancer occurs
* New Hitachi TV Controlled By Gestures (Video)

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