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Link Favourites archive – 08 October 2009

* What Is This Guy Doing? Controlling a phone with his eyes http://ff.im/-9pBSi
* Graft Lab’s Vertical Village in Dubai Has Spider Web of Solar Panels http://ff.im/-9qm8T
* Uzi Vishkin, Who Has a New Computer Programming Paradigm, Interview by Sander Olson http://ff.im/-9qlLq
* Physicist Looks to Build a Kilometer-Long Cannon for Space Launches http://ff.im/-9qjZr

* Virtual Autopsy On Multi-Touch Table Surface http://ff.im/-9qj2f
* Hoya Robot can go into burning buildings http://ff.im/-9qg4D
* Life in Futuristic Floating Pods: Can Design Harness Tidal Power? http://ff.im/-9qfha

* Singularity Summit 2009: Ten Unanswered Questions For Our Future Robot Overlords http://ff.im/-9qeFv
* Liquid Nuclear Battery Has Potential to Reach One Million Times Chemical Battery Power Density http://ff.im/-9qenr
* Strange journeys of the mind http://ff.im/-9qeaN
* Stem cells which ‘fool immune system’ may provide vaccination for cancer http://ff.im/-9qe0q

* Sony concept camera shoots 3D via single lens (result: not bad) http://ff.im/-9qdXT
* Hyperdrive Propulsion Could Be Tested At The LHC http://ff.im/-9q6wj
* GoGo Gajitz! Great Gadgets, Strange Science & Tech with a Twist http://ff.im/-9pCwJ
* Carolyn Steel: How food shapes our cities http://ff.im/-9pCvr

* Fantastic Photos of our Solar System http://ff.im/-9pySMling

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