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Daily News – 26 Aug 2009

11  Inspirational Image Collections – http://bit.ly/rNlFJ
20 Awesome Wallpapers by J3Concepts – http://bit.ly/euTox
15  Examples of Water Art That’s Simply Splashing! – http://bit.ly/3wJzmw

World’s Most Mind-Bending Language Has the Best Development Environment – http://bit.ly/dn4k3

Rewriting General Relativity? Putting  New Model Of Quantum Gravity Under Microscope – http://bit.ly/Olub1

Disappearing Bees Have Devastated Ribosomes – http://bit.ly/113Uo4

Geneticists Close to Cracking Code for Common Cold – http://bit.ly/dNoCR

Mobile map projector with GPS lights the way – http://bit.ly/YNvft

Wireless Health Monitoring System for under $200 – http://bit.ly/Waqui

At the Dawn of the Augmented Reality Industry (Bruce Sterling) – http://bit.ly/svUTG

Hemispherical Screen – http://bit.ly/5wIbI

Our Tech Future? A Machine That Can Sense What You’re Thinking – http://bit.ly/m6sFB

Handbot Climbs Shelves, Has Rope Launcher – http://bit.ly/Myqai

Understanding the importance of E=mc^2 – http://bit.ly/4a0dVZ

On Finding Needles in Genetic Haystacks – http://bit.ly/rw6RZ

New study suggests the brain predicts what eyes in motion will see – http://bit.ly/IOmd8

Scientists Make Temperature-Regulating Coffee Mug – http://bit.ly/nlT9L

LEGO toy helps researchers learn what happens on nanoscale – http://bit.ly/fXigB

Inventor Demonstrates Humanoid Robot’s Latest AI Abilities Video – http://bit.ly/PeYeh

Touchy Feely Robot Promises to be Gentle (and Check for Cancer) – http://bit.ly/169bCY

Autonomous Robot Cleans Up the Ocean for Navy Ships – http://bit.ly/kvszo

The anti-Twitter: New site requires 1,400-character MINIMUM – http://bit.ly/RTR9D

Magnetically-propelled cars could save our cities from congestion – http://bit.ly/vLAGQ

DARPA Wants ‘Precision Jamming’ To Take Enemies Out of the Conversation – http://bit.ly/pZ4mX

Radioactive Cancer-Binding Buckyballs For Targeted Chemotherapy – http://bit.ly/CZGmF

New Theory Questions Why We Sleep – http://bit.ly/9DHZf

Eye Cells from Stem Cells – http://bit.ly/xuwLV

See USB flash drives manufactured in this shocking behind-the-scenes video – http://bit.ly/1cKwDl

Why a Singularity Will be Gradual – Sci-Fi Says So – http://bit.ly/16P0OQ

Survival in a post-apocalypse blackout – http://bit.ly/1JwZh

Using technology to turbocharge innovation in a downturn – http://bit.ly/24886D

timoreilly: Willow Garage mulling a “robot app store.” Yum. http://bit.ly/XeVsT

NASA To Team Up With Russia For Future Mars Flight – http://bit.ly/2yLO2s

If You’re Not Seeing Data, You’re Not Seeing – http://bit.ly/4EJvWD

Gravity-Wave Hunters Find Nothing—and Make a Big Discovery – http://bit.ly/1QZjkv

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